1. PopcornMelbourne wedding photography
There’s something about popcorn that we can’t get enough of. From its crunchy goodness to its sumptuous buttery flavors to its addictive salty aftertaste – this evergreen snack has been pleasing palates for years. Melbourne wedding photography And now you can get your candy buffet table ‘popping’ too by featuring this beloved snack in its all new gourmet avatar – think exotic flavor like dark chocolate, sea salt, peanut butter caramel, and confetti.

2. Cookies Melbourne wedding photography
What’s a candy table without cookies? The king of comfort cuisine, nobody can resist a soft chewy cookie even if they tried! We surely can’t – heck the aroma alone of freshly baked cookies is enough to make us heady! We recommend keeping chilled glasses of milk nearby to complete this classic combo. Melbourne wedding photography

3. Frozen Yogurt Melbourne wedding photography
Frozen yogurt and its sublime creaminess is just what the doctor ordered for your summer wedding. Consider using fun, quirky flavors like matcha, passion fruit, peanut butter banana, and cherry amaretto to up the wow quotient on this chill dessert even more. Melbourne wedding photography Don’t forget to keep bucketfuls of toppings handy though, sprinkles make everything better!

4. Mini Burger Melbourne wedding photography
Disguised desserts are the hottest new entrants to the food scene and we’re surely not complaining. Incorporate this deliciously confusing trend to your wedding candy buffet in the form of adorable mini burgers. Sweet, small, Melbourne wedding photography and so Instagrammable, we simply can’t find fault with these little darlings!

  1. Desserts & Cupcakes

Cupcakes have been at the center of the dessert world for quite some time now and with good reason! These petite, ever-evolving treats are the only ones we know that can pack in style with substance so effortlessly.

And if its style we’re talking about, we can’t not mention how darling dessert jars look! Besides being able to add a rustic, laidback hipster vibe to your buffet table – these genius creations also manage to provide quite a bit of punch in terms of flavour and variety. From strawberry shortcake to hazelnut and chocolate mousse to traditional trifle to warm apple pie – think it and you can jar it, we say.

Doughnuts too, offer tons of versatility in terms of flavour. Go from I Do to I Dough with these mouth-watering classic confections and leave your guests feeling equal parts nostalgic and satiated.


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