Melbourne wedding photography: Rent a second body for wedding insurance

Eyes on me | Melbourne wedding photography have personally experienced the horror of a critical equipment failure while shooting a high-dollar event.  It is a sickening feeling to see “ERR:99” on the LCD.  Luckily, you can rent a second camera body from Borrowlenses.com for next to nothing.  The small price of renting a camera for the wedding is a huge benefit. Eyes on me | Melbourne wedding photography

Rent a second body or lens for speed!

Not solely is it handy to own 2 camera bodies for a marriage as insurance against gear failure, however, it additionally permits you to own a distinct lens on everybody this manner you’ll be able to terribly quickly switch from photograph to plain zoom because the wedding moves around. Once you’ve got tried it, you will need to return to shooting only one body. fortuitously, you Melbourne wedding photography can rent the lens and camera body for low-cost.Eyes on me | Melbourne wedding photography

Get a second shooter

Most new wedding photographers skip hiring a “second shooter” to back them au courant wedding days. If you’ll be able to presumably create it happen financially, it’s positively well worth the cash to rent another lensman to figure with on the marriage day. The Melbourne wedding photography photos are going to be higher, you’ll need a second set of drugs just in case of disaster, and you are extraordinarily unlikely to miss the shot.Eyes on me | Melbourne wedding photography

Guess What! Wedding dresses are a unit white.

Yep, it’s true… and it’s been true for over a hundred and fifty years. If you would like the dress to remain white rather than a boring gray, then you’ll likely have to be compelled to dial in some positive exposure compensation. the sunshine meter in your camera can see the white dress and assume it’s bright, however, it’s not bright–it’s simply white! The camera tends to complete this huge “bright” spot within the picture and makes the exposure of the dress too dark. Melbourne wedding photography Positive exposure compensation fixes this drawback during a second


Eyes on me | Melbourne wedding photography

Melbourne wedding photography

Melbourne wedding photography

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