Melbourne wedding photography – Seychelles Honeymoon plan route

A Seychelles honeymoon is a perfect Melbourne wedding photography experience newlyweds will never forget. Nestled off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, Seychelles is definitely a home to wonderful beaches, luscious rainforests and rich culture, also is one of the most beautiful islands in the world for honeymoons. Melbourne wedding photography somebody might think that an island honeymoon is limited to just lazy days on the beach, but Melbourne wedding photography when planning your Seychelles honeymoon itinerary, you’ll find it offers plenty of things to do for all types of newlyweds – chill or adventurous. What’s more, whether or not you purchase a Seychelles honeymoon planning or organise a Seychelles tour, planning an elaborate honeymoon trip to Seychelles allows you to explore, be lazy but still have an remarkable first few days as husband and wife. Melbourne wedding photography advice three things you should do within your Seychelles honeymoon:

Melbourne wedding photography: Island hop by helicopter

Helicopter flights in Seychelles are a good choice to hop across the islands, but it’s also a great way to experience an remarkable honeymoon. What’s more, you can even hire a tour guide to give you a bird’s eye view of the chain. Remember, unless you have access to a boat, a helicopter is usually the only way to get around Seychelles during your honeymoon.

Melbourne wedding photography: Visit the giant tortoises on Curieuse Island

When preparing your Seychelles honeymoon planning, you should pay a visit to the Curieuse Island to check out some of the biggest Melbourne wedding photography tortoises on Earth! It’s all part of an costly safari experience you never want to miss out on. You can also check out a national park where you are able to see sea life and Seychelles’ famous Coco de Mer palm trees. Purchase an all inclusive Seychelles honeymoon tour package, and they’ll take you to the best life memory the island has to offer!

Melbourne wedding photography: Take advantage of those crystal clear waters and go snorkeling

If you honeymoon is in Seychelles, you can choose to pick any beach and have a first look at that beautiful sea life. Melbourne wedding photography knows that the waters are always warm and you’ll have great visibility for all the ocean life. Also, buy a Seychelles snorkeling package excursion with a group to get access to even more beaches!



Melbourne wedding photography

Melbourne wedding photography

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