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Winter is coming, Melbourne wedding photography is here to give you some useful tips for the wedding in the cold winter weather.

1.Melbourne wedding photography – Warm Your Limbs Up
A cold, blue hand can look unattractive in pictures. To avoid this, use hot packs or cheap one-use hand and foot warmers that can be stashed in pockets or sleeves, allowing you to tuck your hand once in a while for that comforting promise of warmth.
2. Melbourne wedding photography – Velvet Up
Velvet has a smooth silky texture that looks good and warms you up too, especially guys!
3. Melbourne wedding photography – Choose Winter-Themed Favours
Do not be afraid to go all wintery with your favors. Blankets, pashminas, sparklers, cookies, mulled wine spices, candy canes or little bottles of Baileys are doable weddings favors that your guests will love.
4. Melbourne wedding photography – Schedule Earlier Photoshoots
Winter gets your sun setting earlier, dimming the natural light. To allow more light in your photos, it is better to take portraits before your ceremony. If you’re unsure how to go about this, then just chat with your photographer. They should have a clearer idea on what will work for you.
5. Melbourne wedding photography – Be clothing savvy!
If you and your bridesmaids are in long gowns, you can be smart in hiding warmer attire underneath your dresses. Tights, leggings and long johns are all a good choice. All you need to do is to select a color that is not easily seen through your dress!
6. Melbourne wedding photography – Moisturise Your Lips
Chapped lips are inevitable come winter, so keep them moisturized with a chapstick. Use natural oil based ones instead of alcohol based ones as they alcohol make your lips dryer.
7. Melbourne wedding photography – Switch Your Heels with Boots
Switch your normal footwear with boots because they keep your ankles warm and are good looking too!
8. Melbourne wedding photography – Get a Hot Drink
A hot drink upon arrival can warm your guest’s tummy and it keeps them cheery for the rest of the day. To do so, provide bags of tea or coffee at the arrival lounge to get them all warm and fuzzy!
9. Melbourne wedding photography – Never Forget the Cold
We all know that winter is cold. Accessories like a faux fur stole, a veil, a cape or a chic cardie can come in handy when you are freezing. And you might be surprised, you don’t need them to be in white to look good!
10. Melbourne wedding photography – Get Your Bridesmaid / Guests Some Cover Ups
Your bridesmaids and guests might be a little unprepared at times, but they do feel the cold too! Hence, it is good to have some spared cover-ups prepared just in case.

Melbourne wedding photography

Melbourne wedding photography

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